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I bought a win generator the 11th blades did not install it put up. Or anything they would not let me exchange it for a gift one or anything so I still got do get this blade bo by from these crooks

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I'ma start off by saying they seem very nice I'll try to keep this short and sweet call today 51216 try to get a problem solved I talked to one of their salesman name is Benjamin approximately 8 months ago they sold me and pulse with modulator told me it would work for my application so I purchased it. Wired it up the way they told me that I could look at the instructions and wired it up correctly instructions also stating it was possible and... Read more

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My 11 year old daughter wanting to get involved called this company that is Skymax and Missouri wind and solar and she was asking questions about his wind turbines for her school project and she mentioned that she saw all the stuff about him lying to people about where his products come from. Seems he has been busted time and time again and she wanted to know if it was true, she watches his you tube videos. The man in the Videos is Jeff, she... Read more

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Missouri Turbine broke down within two days, and they refused to refund my money, so I had to fight with Ebay to get any response from Missouri Wind And Solar, then they would not refund all of my money, so i kept the trash Jeff sold to me, and had a machinist and a electrician repair the turbine, but the generator does not produce volts and amps, like advertised, plus it shacks, I had balance out the blades, and why so many words????..... THE... Read more

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hi every one let me start off saying Missouri wind and solar sucks! This crowd have no electrical experience or have no electrical qualification full stop.I am an electronican that is my trade,I have this so called 1600 watt wind turbine,first off the cables coming out of the turbine are to carry 1600 watts,they are like phone cables.I have this turbine up on a 20 foot tower in 40 to 60 mph winds and on averaged 10 amps that is a long way from... Read more

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I live in northern Arkansas and have been to Missouri Wind and Solar's facility twice over the past several of years. They have doubled their staff and warehouse size. How could they do that if they are as bad as some state? While I have not purchased a system yet (my husband's not ready) I do plan to use them later this year when we do purchase. I have found all of their staff to be very knowledge of Wind and solar products and how they work... Read more

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I have had my 1600 Watt Missouri Wind and Solar wind turbine on my tower for 2 months. It is the 24 volt, 1600 Watt unit. It is located on a 45 foot tower with very clear access to the wind in all directions. I am running 6 gauge welding wire from the wind turbine to a 24 volt battery bank. I should also say that I am a licensed eletrician in the state of New York. Missouri Wind and Solar really ripped me off! I purchased the MWS 1600 Watt wind... Read more

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We bought a big box called a controller and lots of other parts that was supposed to make our solar panels and wind turbine work together but all it did was keep my dogs baring all day clicking and clanking. Come to find out it was just a voltage meter with a bunch of extra parts in it to make you think you got something. Our electrician said to remove it and said if our insurance company would have seen it we would have lost our house insurance... Read more

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THIS COMPLAINT IS FALSE! This is the time of year when Jeff Whorman does his strikes against his competition. He launches a conspiracy campaign against them to get them out of the way for the season. He uses bots, sabotages eBay accounts, and other underhanded methods to destroy them. He involves his whole family to spread lies about people. The likes of which know nothing more than the life of crime and running from the law. This year he... Read more

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After buying a system, which they stated was the complete system I found out that I had to buy a dump load and then after installing it a couple days(2) later when we had no wind I noticed that 5 of the 9 blades (Gen 4) had broken tips. I contacted the company right away and then did not want to replace them unless I paid to have the blades shipped back to them. I offered to take pictures so I did not have to spend more money on this system then... Read more

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