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We purchased a Missouri Freedom General 2- 48/96V 2000W turbine,Coleman 440 HVA charge controller,10,000W Aims inverter/charger,48V Diversion dump load resistor(4resistor dump),3phase break switch,100A fuse and holder and all the goodies to comlete system in May, however as Aims was improving their inverter and took several months to recieve, Beth (our origional salesperson) was very helpful in directing us to a nearly complete system!! She was very kind and patient as I was a beginner at wind turbines and wanted to be able to add a solar bank next spring, she took many emails and phone calls to help get it all right!!!!

After we recieved the inverter, Melinda,Ben and Wyatt awnsered many more emails and back and forth phone calls as to ordering extra fuses, a breaker and more tech support!! AMAZING TEAM!! It is up and running now and is a beautiful thing to see our electric meter stop in its tracks!!(we are off grid)!!

Thanks to the whole team for your support and patience with me!! I have referred several people to MW&S and will refer more, I have even been asked to install some Solar/Wind setups for customers!!

Rick from NY

Reviewer is in happy mood. twistiesandbeer is quite happy with professional and quality control. Please contact the author of this review to discuss good quality of missouri general freedom ii 11 blade wind turbine. Missouri Wind And Solar needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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twistiesandbeer is a Missouri wind and solar dealer named Alan Anderson in Australia. Missouri wind and solars secret to success is that they are first class Astroturfers on the internet. They spend lots of time signing their own praises with false news press articles and blog posts.


The only reason why they treated you so good because your apart of the off grid people on YouTube. And he needs you to keep the money to be profitable from the off grid people on YouTube.

So this is the proof he treats certain customers so well and others so badly... BUYERS BEWARE....


This guy twistiesandbeer is a dealer in Australia. Google his name its from his gmail, it shows him as a dealer selling this junk.

He is also a well known internet troll and owes a massive drug debt to the owner of this country due to many scams he got busted on and now owes so he makes these fake responses reviews for his boss and owner of his butt. It's all over the internet about this man being a mentally sick drug addict.


Really? Your review is too precise.

Thermodyne pays nobody to make these reviews. When you get your head back to sunlight, you'll find out these people are real customers. It just so happens the people you trust so much are the ones writing the negative comments about Thermodyne, Windy Nation and his latest target is Hurricane Wind. In other words, you are full of ***.

Your message is read as a put up. Next time look around and see the real evidence. Not 20 minutes of BS on the phone. Your boy is in trouble with the Attorney General, The Fed, and there is an indication of some tax evasion.

Not to mention there are 4 lawsuits pending for slander, defamation and conspiracy.

You still want to stay with the loser? Don't be a weak minded fool

to Anonymous #1028992

Don't you find it funny that all the people complaining have no pictures to prove what they are saying. The pictures they have been used are from a person on YouTube called Tore Kristian he had 100+ mph winds and the turbine got damaged and replaced as well.

The other picture is from another YouTube user that made a wind turbine tower from a antenna tower that fell due to lack of guy wires. When I find the video's that these images are taken from I will post link's.

to Anonymous #1043012

Yes, search his name. Twistiesandbeer.

A drug addict is what he is.

It comes up with his gmail and a huge list of garbage he has done to people. He should be hung with a rope in the desert.

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